AGROPRODMASH 2019. 24th International Exhibition for Equipment, Technologies, Raw Materials and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry

October 7 – 11, 2019
7-11 October 2019 Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow

«AGROPRODMASH» – an Interntional exhibition of equipment, machines and ingredients for food and processing industries - has been showing for more than twenty years the best world innovations that supports their implemetation by Russian industial plants.


1. Equipment and technology for food and beverage production

1.1. Slaughtering equipment, preliminary meat processing 
1.2. Equipment for meat processing and sausage making 
1.3. Poultry breeding and processing 
1.4. Fishery. Fish farming. Fishing industry. Aquaculture. Equipment for fish and seafood processing. Transportation and sale.
1.5. Equipment and units for dairy and cheese production 
1.6. Equipment for processing grain and flour, bakery and pasta production 
1.7. Confectionery equipment 
1.8. Equipment for processing oilseeds and vegetable oil production
1.9. Equipment for fruit and vegetable processing 
1.10. Equipment for canned food and preserves production 
1.11. Equipment for ice cream production 
1.12. Equipment for production of alcoholic beverages, beer and soft drinks 
1.13. Equipment for baby food production 
1.14. Equipment for production of functional and dietary food 
1.15. Equipment for coffee, tea and tobacco processing 
1.16. End-to-end engineering solutions 
1.17. Equipment for raw materials processing and food production for small-scale farms NEW!


2. Automation in food production


3. Ingredients, additives, spices, casings. Production and application technology. Equipment for ingredients and food additives production


4. Packaging equipment and materials. Weighing equipment

4.1. Packaging and consumable materials 
4.2. Technology and equipment for packaging of food and beverages 
4.3. Portioning devices 
4.4. Bottling, pre-packing 
4.5. Weighing equipment and systems 
4.6. Marking and labeling 
4.7. Bulk packaging


5. Test and analytical equipment

5.1. Laboratory equipment 
5.2. Test equipment


6. Refrigeration equipment

6.1. Commercial refrigerators, freezers, defrosters 
6.2. Refrigerating and compressor units 
6.3. Ventilation and A/C systems


7. Retail equipment, HoReCa

7.1. Retail equipment, catering equipment (bars, restaurants, fast food) 
7.2. Equipment for shops, cafes and patisseries, street food and mobile catering


8. Warehouse and production logistics

8.1. Warehouse equipment, loading equipment 
8.2. Storage and transportation machinery and equipment 
8.3. Equipment for logistics hubs 
8.4. Equipemnt for fruit and vegetable warehouses NEW!


9. Occupational sanitation, cleaning equipment, detergents


10. Commercial flooring


11. The Agroprodmash-Complekt: components, machinery and materials for food production

11.1. Components, machinery and materials for food production 
11.2. Metal products for food production. Pipes, fittings 
11.3. Pumps, pumping equipment 
11.4. Water supply systems, water treatment equipment, valves, pipeline equipment. Tanks and vessels 
11.5. Heating and air engineering. Electrical equipment and products


12. IT, software, end-to-end solutions and services for the food processing industry


13. Food production safety. Quality inspection


14. Agricultural equipment, animal agriculture and fodder production

14.1. Cattle-breeding farms, small-scale farms 
14.2. Fodder production and storage


15. Leasing, credits and investments in the agricultural industry. Construction and reconstruction of food processing facilities


16. National pavilions

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