Perfect recipe of packing. Reasonable cost saving without going too far

November 18, 2019
Tasks called “cost saving” keep being relevant for a few decades, and no wonder. Product unit packaging is a special subject and almost inaccessible field for cost saving supporters, and when we start speaking about pallets final packaging and see enormous mountains of film wrapped around a pallet in order “just to deliver”, it inevitably provokes the wish to save money. So nice and tidy pallets are loaded up into trucks and shipped to retailers. But all of a sudden… the truck comes back, with the pallets falling to pieces in it so that one cannot take them out even with a fork-lift. Client is furious, manufacturer is sad. Average losses due to such returns, by manufacturers’ estimation, are 0.5% of turnover. Quality assurance division concludes that the recipe of packing is not good enough and the film consumption has to be increased. Amount of the film on a pallet grows up while complaints arrive on, until eventually someone re-considers the subject of film saving and walks the same way all over again. Is it familiar to you?

Obviously, optimum solution is somewhere in the middle between the two points of view. The film amount should not be cut down to minimum to struggle for grams, it should depend on real purposes of film wrapping – cargo safety, integrity and stability. But the question is how to achieve balance between cost and quality, how to protect both savings and reputation?

We make friends for years with TOSA, Italy*, company that has been doing a huge research in this field for more than forty years with true Italian passion, discovering more and more beautiful details to solve the problem of logistic pack quality and reduce costs and expenses as much as possible. Perfect recipe of packing is not a random idea, but a mathematical calculation, it is verified during tests for stability, vibration, acceleration.

TOSA’s perfect recipe of pack is as follows:

  • High level of product protection (in accordance with UNI EN 12195-1)   
  • Customization
  • Optimized cost
  • Esthetics of pack   

The customized recipe itself allows getting impressive figures of the film saving without loss of key attributes of pack. However, being implemented in actual wrapping machine, it is followed by bonuses, each of which makes contribution to common goal of cost saving – the small, but regular contribution:

It is low maintenance technology, which allows saving time and money for preventive maintenance of the wrapping machine.

It is the fastest roll automatic change-over ever that increases production efficiency.

It is a system of testing and defining the optimum pre-stretch for this or that film.

It is film roping that helps maximize pallet stability without extra materials.  

AFR will introduce the newest solutions by TOSA GROUP in area of final packaging during INTEKPROM MILK 2019 Russian Conference «Modernization of milk processing plants» taking place on 20 November 2019 in Ekaterinburg and later, on 26 November 2019 at III Peterburg's Forum of Soft Drink Producers in St.Petersburg

We’ll talk more about these and other discoveries in the area of reasonable cost-cutting, we’ll show examples and tell how at production facilities you can:

  • get real-time statistics on wrapping cycle
  • automate the pack process
  • use film, width 750 mm
  • wrap pallets of different sizes just in the flow, without decreasing speed and quality.

If cost saving still remains one of the most important factors of production, why not make it sound and professional?

*Tosa S.p.a; representative in Russia is AFR LLC

Illustration by GERTIE.DO

Translated from Russian by N.Dymbrylova 

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