FT System has been shortlisted for the PPMA Group Industry Awards 2019

August 21, 2019
Great news for AROL GROUP: FT System has been shortlisted for the PPMA Group Industry Awards 2019! Next October in Birmingham, the company presents ROBO QCS system (Quality Control System), a quality control system designed to perform a fully automated quality inspection and in-line monitoring of the entire capping and filling process in the beverage sector. This competition, during the PPMA Total Show 2019, recognizes the finest examples of innovation, smart manufacturing, entrepreneurship and collaboration in the processing and packaging machinery industry. In this regard, a panel of eight independent judges will announce the winners during the final night gala on 1 October 2019.

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ROBO-QCS Quality Control System

Ideal for dynamic and continuous optimization of the line efficiency and performance monitoring. Through a continuous and automated sampling and non-destructive product analysis, it ensures the products highest quality and line performance monitoring.


The system allows to monitor in real-time the efficiency of whole filling and capping process. Its advanced data analysis system crosses all acquired values by its stations and from all other installed inspectors allowing the optimization of line performance and the products quality protection. Reduce your costs through predictive maintenance, manage claims thanks to the historical database and plan production improvements using all the stored information.


STANDARD INSPECTION [depending on configurations]

  • Fill volume
  • Torque test
  • Application Angle test [Pull-Up insp.]
  • CP and CPK [Capability Process Index]


OPTIONAL Measurements

  • Leak test
  • CO2 content analysis
    • Internal pressure measure
    • CO2 partial pressure
    • CO2 dissolved in the liquid



  • PATENTED Picking System
    • It withdraws the bottle form the line without additional conveyor belts
    • It reintroduces the bottles without bottle accumulation tables
  • Integrated sampling system [Management software]
    • Sampling for programmed intervals, single fill valve or targeted group
    • Sampling for programmed intervals, single capper head or targeted group
  • Real time statistical analysis of production trend
    • Graphical visualization of data acquired from each inspection
    • Graphical visualization of statistical analysis
    • CP and CPK Index [Capability Process Index]
  • Single interface for the management of all installed inspectors
  • Historical production database [analytical and statistical data]
  • Preset for the sampling management of more cappers or other devices
  • Reconfigurable architecture and layout [adaptability to your line]
  • “MID” Certification for the weight control [OPTIONAL]



    • Optimization of the production cycle through the detection of faulty events
    • Optimization of interventions moving from corrective to preventive action
    • Reduction of rejections and minimization of line jams and unplanned stops
    • Optimization of the line performance
    • Guarantees the highest product quality and the quality of the production process



  • All types of lines (In association with the correct sensors configuration)

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