ACMI High-speed line for 1.5l PET bottles in square format

October 24, 2019
At the beginning of the summer the installation of a very fast PET line for 1.5 l. square bottles was completed at the plant of one of the most important Italian mineral water brands, Rocchetta water.
ACMI managed the design and installation of this high-performance line, which has a nominal filling capacity of 44,000 bottles per hour, providing the layout of the system and all the machines of the “dry” part of the line.
To manage such high production speeds, we are talking moreover of a square format that presents, by nature, a series of critical issues due precisely to its specific conformation, the company in Fornovo used the best technologies available on the market:

A single accumulation belt placed at the filling outfeed.

The compact connection, without accumulation belts, between the labeller with a double outfeed lane and the shrink wrapper (derived, as the name implies, from the pilot project of the “compact line”).

The Fenix two-lane shrink wrapper with 75 packs per minute (per lane) with an automatic film changeover system, an external reel carrier box in a safe and ergonomic position and an automatic system for inserting promotional labels.

The Viper model electro-mechanical two-lane handle applicator with an electronic spacing system (without spacing worm screws).

The Thunder model double mobile platform palletiser with a three-module Twisterbox layer formation system (it is the fastest configuration currently available).

A wrapping system consisting of two Vortex model fixed pallet stretch wrappers (pre-stretch capacity of up to 400%) with a top cover, a reel 1,000 mm high and an automatic changeover system of the pre-stretch unit, and a Rocket model rotating pallet stretch wrapper with a reel 1,000 mm high. This specific configuration allows the packaging of both 1200x800 pallets and of 600x800 half pallets on a mother pallet (logistic format requested for export).

A supervision system of the line by means of dedicated software that makes it possible, in addition to displaying the operating statistics of the individual machines, to also manage the format changeover of the entire line by sending commands to the individual operator panels.

CE line certification, in collaboration with Pilz Italia, which made it possible to deliver to the customer a document certifying the correspondence of the systems installed with the most stringent safety regulations.

Once the line was assembled, the customer was able to obtain a product that can be sold on the market after just two weeks.

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