Complex modernization of primary packaging line (glass jar)

Project purposes:

  • Increase of the overall efficiency of the line;
  • Increase of line automation level;
  • Reduction of format change-over time;
  • Improve of product quality;
  • Replacement of morally and physically worn equipment;
  • Production of products in new package – (expansion from 5 to 8 available formats)

Works performed:

First stage

  • The capper is replaced with a multi-format machine;
  • X-ray finished goods inspector, labeling machine and tray-packer are moved to a new position;
  • All the conveyor systems from capper to palletizing zone are replaced;
  • All the jar conveyors are equipped with automatic side guides width adjustment function;
  • Control system for all the conveyors is replaced.

Second stage:

  • The empty jar depalletizer is replaced with an automatic machine;
  • A six-level accumulator for empty jars is installed (accumulation time is from 3 to 5 minutes depending on the jar format);
  • Air rinser is moved to a new position;
  • All conveyor systems from depalletizers to packer are replaced;
  • Control system for all conveyors is updated.

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