Manpower efficiency increase in product discharge area

Project purpose: 

- to liberate operators from waiting for product in manual palletising area to allow them performing other operations  



- high hygienic safety requirements (stainless steel execution) at limited budget ; 

- delivery and installation should be perfromed at the last week of the year; 

Works perfromed:

- technical solution meeting both requirements and budget expectations;

- design of accumulating conveyor and control logics;

- manufacturing and delivery of the conveyor and other components ; 

- assembly, installation and integration into line; 

- startup and adjustment for optimal perfromance ;


Performance circumstances: 

The installation team involved by the client turned incapable to start in time.

Thus, in purpose to meet project schedule AFR team of three supervisors has perfromed all the works by their own means and the project was succesfully completed by 29 December. 

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