Equipment relocation
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Equipment relocation is one of the most popular ways to optimize business today. Individual machines and entire lines are moved from one production site to another or inside one site in order to maximize the use of available capacities and areas. However, this project, simple at first glance, will meet your expectations only if an integrated approach and careful design take place.

We understand the equipment relocation project as follows:

  • On-site audits to both source and destination sites for measuring, evaluating transport and installation spaces;

  • Development of a dismantling plan, internal transport routes, packaging scheme, loading plan;

  • Development of a logistic scheme;

  • Designing the new configuration layout and calculation of new conveyor systems;

  • Development of a plan for unloading, internal transport routes, installation schedule;

  • Calculation and purchase of packaging material;

  • Dismantling, labeling, packaging. Equipment fault detection;

  • Submission of vehicles, registration of permits for transportation, loading, organization of transportation;

  • Supply of components and materials for the new configuration;

  • Programming of software updates;

  • Unloading, unpacking, organization of installation openings, moving equipment to the place of installation;

  • Mechanical and electrical installation in a new configuration;

  • Equipment repair;

  • Software integration;

  • Commissioning and acceptance.

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