On-site audits
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We live in St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don and work throughout Russia. We do not need visas or long approvals to give you support at the site.


On-site audit is recommended in purposes:

  • Preparation for modernization;

We evaluate the possibility of modernization, make measurements and offer a technical solution.

  • Preparation for equipment repair;

Our expert checks the current technical condition of the machine and provides a list of spare parts & works which are really necessary in your case.

  • Recurring equipment malfunction;

We diagnose, determine the cause of the malfunction, give recommendations for its elimination and, if possible, eliminate at once.

Мы с уважением относимся к авторским правам и конфиденциальной информации, поэтому возможность скачивания материалов с сайта по умолчанию ограничена.

Сообщите нам, какой контент и для какой цели вам требуется, и мы поможем вам собрать данные без нарушения чьих-либо прав.

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