ECOCAP’s and AFR introduce revolutionary TopSyl™ cover application technology to the Russian market

February 11, 2021
On 1 February 2021 ECOCAP’s (Italy) and AFR (Russia) signed distribution agreement, thanks to which Russian beverages producers can give their product extra-advantages with the unique technology of applying TopSyl™ protection cover on can, getting complete technical support from the AFR Russian team.

About ECOCAP’s

ECOCAP’s was established in 2003 in Bologna, Italy, at the very heart of the so called “Packaging Valley” and is a part of Cassoli Group, and that opens the way to use consolidated experience in packaging industry for researching and developing new technologies. As a new generation company, ECOCAP's sees the fundamental basis of its business in balancing the ecological and economic needs of society and creates equipment characterized by high quality, reliability and safety. Persistent development of technologies empowers the company to offer the most advanced and flexible solutions to cover the rapidly changing demands of the market.


ECOCAP’s know-how

The patented technology of the TopSyl™ membrane applying has become a revolution in the packaging solutions field. The tightly fitting TopSyl™ cover protects the top contact surface of the can from dust, dirt, any contamination during transport and storage and thus ensures the sanitary safety of the can for consumer. Obviously, in terms of current situation this standard of packaging becomes relevant more than ever.

The main feature of the new technology is in a fundamentally new approach to the way of applying the protection membrane, taking into account both the convenience of application and preservation during transport and storage operations and, at the same time, the ease of opening for consumer. The innovative sealing head performing the shrink and forming functions safeguards the packaging full compliance with these criteria. The TopSyl™ aluminum membrane shrunk tightly to the can top without glue or other additional materials meets the requirements of hygiene, cost-effectiveness and 100% recyclable packaging. The range of TopSyl™ application equipment includes machines with capacities from 1,250 to 70,000 can/hour and a variety of configurations for integration into any production line.


TopSyl™ protection cover

The TopSyl™ protection membrane is applied onto the can at clean production area (making sure the surface has been dried up), thus preserving the sterile environment above the contact surface. The TopSyl™ material prevents formation of moisture and, consequently, contamination and reproduction of bacterial flora.

TopSyl™ reliability has been tested and proven under the conditions of rain, ice and high temperatures (up to 60◦). The product keeping in both "hot" and "cold" vending machines does not affect the quality of protection.


 TopSyl™ advantages

In addition to the main, hygienic benefit, the new TopSyl™ packaging opens up a whole range of new possibilities for increasing the product's competitiveness.

  • TopSyl™ not only guards the sanitary safety of the can contact surface, but also ensures the preservation of its market quality throughout the entire cycle from production process to the moment of opening by consumer.
  • Storage and transportation of the product with TopSyl™ requires no additional operations and costs to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of the can.
  • The product with TopSyl™ has a more respectable view inspiring customer confidence and premiumizing it.
  • With TopSyl™, it is possible to brand the top part of the can, i.e. to create additional space for advertising and placing information, including marking.
  • The reverse side of TopSyl™ can also be printed for getting a new marketing tool.
  • Equipment for TopSyl™ application allows applying TopSyl™ covers of different designs in one production cycle, hence enriching options for promotion campaigns.
  • The TopSyl™ eco-friendly and 100% recyclable protective cover ensures minimal environmental impact.


ECOCAP’s equipment in Russia

According to the distribution agreement, AFR is the ECOCAP’s authorized and exclusive representative in the territory of Russia. It means that AFR not only promotes the brand and negotiates for ECOCAP’s equipment sales, but also provides complete technical support – from equipment selecting and engineering to its installation and after-sales service; as well as undertaking all liabilities for import, certification and transport of equipment directly to client’s site. We are sure that the Saint Petersburg–based service team, Russian-language support of a project, DDP delivery of spare parts and accompanying documentation translation into Russian will make ECOCAP’s innovations more procurable and attractive for the Russian beverages industry.           


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