Turnkey projects
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Projects of any complexity in modernization and re-equipment of production from design to commissioning. Pass-through liability and warranty cover are included.

Work stages
Technical solution
  • On-site audit;
  • Equipment selection;
  • Process Design;
  • Line configuration design;
  • Technical ApprovalYou just have to care of
Commercial terms optimization
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of negotiations;
  • Commercial and technical negotiations with manufacturers;
  • Development of optimal logistic and customs schemes;
  • Preparation of a general project schedule;
  • Calculation of the total cost of the project;
  • Project schedule approvalYou just have to care of
  • Order confirmation
Equipment manufacturing and supply
  • Contracts with equipment manufacturers;
  • Payment and currency control procedures;
  • Monitoring of the production schedule;
  • Visits to manufacturing plants for FAT;
  • Transportation, certification and customs clearance in Russia;
  • Supervising of equipment unloading;
  • Supply contract with AFRYou just have to care of
  • Scheduled payments in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank on the date of payment
  • Receipt of equipment
Preparation for works on-site
  • Contracts with subcontractors;
  • Purchase of materials and tools for installation;
  • Providing personnel protective equipment;
  • Rental of lifting equipment;
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining work permits;
  • Personal instructions on fire safety, industrial safety, labor safety;
  • Validation of commencement dateYou just have to care of
  • Site preparation for installation
Installation and integration
  • Getting of work permits on-site;
  • Coordination of all project participants activity;
  • Mechanical and electrical disassembly and installation;
  • Software integration of equipment in the line;
  • Trial starts and adjustment in process
  • Issue of work permitsYou just have to care of
  • Supply of electricity and other facilities
Commissioning and SAT
  • Startup and adjustment with the product
  • Acceptance tests
  • Transfer of the result
  • Providing the tests with product and operator staffYou just have to care of
  • Participation in acceptance tests
  • Acceptance of work results
  • Manufacturer’s warranty in full
  • Emergency support by own service team
  • Complaint issueYou just have to care of
Your advantages
For the company in general
  • Reduction of fixed costs due to outsourcing of indirect functions not involved directly in production;
  • Minimal involvement of own engineering resource;
For purchase department
  • Optimization of the project cost due to the volume;
  • One tender;
  • One contract.
For project team
  • One project schedule;
  • One window-person for all the contacts;
  • Full responsibility for result in one hand;
  • Minimum document flow;
  • Timely deviation management.
For production team
  • Full support for all issues;
  • All warranty obligations in one hand.
For accounting department
  • One payment schedule;
  • Minimum document flow;
  • One reconciliation act for overall project.
Complex modernization of primary packaging line (glass jar)

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